How to never fear again: REMIX A SONG W SPEECH

My theme song is a bit of a twist. I used logic pro x and garageband to create a beat, however in I Am Legend (the movie version of my book) Will Smith is the main character. There is this famous speech Will Smith gave that is this:

I used this speech embeded in my song to be more creepy and to put a twist on a narrative type of theme song for I Am Legend.

i edited beats within him speaking, and the goal was to make it creepy, but also fit the book.

I imagined this is the speech Robert Neville would give surviving the apocplse, which is why I decided to create a theme song type of remix on speech like this.

Check it out: it’s a bit long, but I think its cool:

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  • martha

    April 16, 2018 at 5:23 pm Reply

    this is a really powerful remix and works really well as a commentary on the book/movie

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