Six stars of Video: Week 11

Hi friends! For week 11 I had a lot of fun creating videos. I did two assignments: the first one I did was the ‘Apocalypse Q&A’, and then I did the ‘Where do your shoes take you?’

My favorite assignment out of the two would be the shoe video because I actually had a ton of fun editing and filming my day. I work in Washington, DC so its safe to stay my shoes travel A LOT when i’m in the city. for this assignment I video’d my day taking the metro because literally that’s half my day! Check it out:



The second assignment, my apocalypse Q&A was also super fun. I wrote on snapchat for people to ask me questions, and I actually got some hilarious ones that I put in my video. This is my assignment:

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  • Samara Wong

    April 9, 2018 at 11:34 pm Reply

    I wish there was service during the apocalypse! I must have scrolled past the Q&A assignment because I didn’t see it, but I would definitely do it if we do any other video assignments! Both of the videos were awesome, and I can’t imagine spending so much time in the metro.

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