Final Project Reflection

For my final project for 395, I decided to do a podcast series with one of my best friends named Anna Rinko. I have always been interested in starting a  podcast series, however I truly never had the time to actually record and find content to record about. I was very passionate about this final project because this is something, like I said, I have been really wanting to experiment with. I came up with Rinko Rants as the name for the podcast series because Anna loves to rant about real world/digital media issues regarding millennial. We chose to make 5 diverse podcasts which were about diverse topics. I chose to make a podcast playlist on my Soundcloud account. I chose to upload the rants on that platform because our rants were longer than 5 minutes (average about 10 minutes), and Soundcloud was the perfect platform  to upload a huge platform like so. Something I would change if I could go back in time would be to use a better and more professional mic. Sometimes it was hard to hear because Anna has a very soft voice. Also, I wish I edited on Logic Pro instead of Audacity because Logic is, at least for me, easier to use. Something I liked that I did was I took a really cool picture of Anna, and then edited “RINKO RANTS” using Canva. Just doing that made the process feel more professional. Basically what we would do was book out a room every Thursday for the past 5 weeks at the ITCC, check out a USB Mic, sit down and edit/record our weekly rant. After the recording was done, I create a page on my very own domain titled Rinko Rants, where I would link all the soundcloud files in an organized and authentic fashion. I think breaking it up weekly was a very smart idea because it made us feel less stressed. All in all, I am very very proud of this project, and I think Anna and I will continue to create more rants!

An idea I had to expand Rinko Rants (possibly for next year) would be to film us talking and discussing rants and not only upload the audio, but ALSO upload the video of us talking on YouTube! I feel like this project would be super successful if we made videos to correspond to our podcasts. Hopefully that is an idea for next year!

In addition to uploading Rinko Rants on Soundcloud, I also uploaded a rant we did (Episode 4) onto Tumblr. We decided to upload our rant to Tumblr because we wanted to reach a new audience and the community in which we were talking about could be interested to hear what we have been discussion regarding ships. Not only is this project a personal one, we wanted it to reach people all over the world which is why we uploaded it to many places. We hope people listen and want us to record more!


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