Learning to Code

I loved doing the learn to code assignment! This was super fun for me because not only did I get to use a learn to code activity that was a game, it also it Frozen themed! For this assignment I used Studio Code’s Frozen game. The link is: https://studio.code.org/s/frozen/stage/1/puzzle/1
So, my first reaction to this was super excited and eager to use this fun platform to learn how to code. However, as I kept going about it I realized that it was not truly teaching me that much. Let me explain that; I have used code academy which makes you literally write out the actual code. For this game it only made me drag it and after I was drag the right pieces of the code together then it would show me the actual code. I liked this at first because I thought it was easy and straightforward, but as I kept going up levels I started realizing that I lowkey was just dragging code blocks and not actually learning myself how to code. As much as I think code academy is boring, the website actually taught me more than this game. The thing I did like about this program was how much help they gave you while you entered each level. There were many help videos and ways that the website explained things in different ways in case each user learns a different way. I liked that a lot. Overall, I think this game would be better for more little kids like 7-10 than a college student. I think this is an important program for kids to begin to learn how to code- from our readings we’ve had explaining why starting kids younger in order to more easily grasp coding, this would be an amazing platform for beginners to get a more visual than type-y representation of coding. I know for me I am more of a visual learner which is why I initially picked this platform, and I think this would go over well with kids too.
In the larger scheme of things, the purpose of this game would go very well with kids who want to learn how to code in a fresh and appealing way. It was certainly fun, but overall I feel like I did not learn as much as I wanted to. Be that as it may, I had so much fun doing this assignment and I think this made me an overall better coder because I have been exposed to different types of learning tools.
Below are pictures from when I was doing the assignment. In the pictures I show how this game shows you the literal code, and then the game part of the platform as well!

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