Revised blog: Why coding is important to me

In my last blog post I talked about why coding is important in general, however, I want to touch on why it is important to me. Besides my previous story about how I taught myself to code at a young age thanks to Neopets, another important reason that coding is important to me is because I have always wanted to learn how to use programs to create my very own game. My friends that are computer science majors got the opportunity in their classes to create their very own game- that is my goal. I’ve always wanted to be more fluent in code and to learn how to code more quickly and efficiently. To me it feels like a language that you need to keep practicing until you get more fluent in it.

I think that as we begin to code I might come to some issues. For one, I am dyslexic, so sometimes when I deal with numbers and letter they get jumbled up in my head and I get super frustrated and confused. When I first learned coding in Whalen’s class I had issues getting up to speed with everyone else- because I deal with learning disabilities it takes me ten times longer to finish a project, especially since coding is difficult for me because of dyslexia. I have a feeling that I will have some troubles, but I am determined not to let a disability get in my way of being able to code effectively. I think that if I take my time, go about it slow and get tons of extra help I will be okay and I will be just fine. I am certainly worried and nervous because what we did in my last DGST class kicked my butt, but that just means I will work super hard to do just as well as everyone else.

I am super excited to spend the next four weeks coding. It has always been something I love to do, no matter how frustrated I get.

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