RIP HUMAN RACE: Contradiction Creation

For this assignment I had to create a graphic that was designed for a certain feeling or theme. For my graphics (I made 3) I decided I wanted it to kind of have a “End of the world propaganda” theme. I created these graphics to be ironic, like the assignment said, but to also have that “the world is ending” vibe that is sort of ironic. I wanted to create social media posts that could also be sort of used as posters that could be hung up around town about the world ending. These graphics I made were obviously supposed to be funny, but also I feel like these would be Retweeted during the time of the apocalypse if the world was actually ending because they are meant to be like ironically funny. I had a lot of fun with this assignment because it really made me think outside the box and kind of play a joke on the memes that sometimes go around these day. Check them out!