Assignment: Films, Reflections, and GIFs

Mad Max

The movie I decided to watch this week was Mad Max! I thought it was cool watching this movie because I have seen Mad Max Fury Road, but I’ve never seen the original. I enjoyed this movie a lot, but the most interesting part was seeing how the newer movies are so much more animated and done so much better, but it all started from the original Mad Max movie! I enjoyed it a lot, even though it felt outdated sometimes.

This is the gif I made from the original Trailer on YouTube:


I decided on this scene for my gif because I though it literally wrapped up the movie in less than 5 seconds. The movie, to me, was humans and machinery, and I thought this gif was a goo representation of technology and the human impact of it all.

Le Jetee

Watching Le Jetee was cool, and I enjoyed how it was 30 minutes long, however I did not really get into it. I’m not sure if it was because it was shorter and not a full length movie, but for some reason I just did not like it that much. I watched it in halves- 15 mins and 15 mins. I feel like if I sat down and watched the whole thing all at once it might have flowed better, but honestly I just didn’t enjoy it that much. I liked how it was film, and I think the director takes an interesting approach, but I just didn’t connect to it that much. I think when I have time I might watch it over again, but honestly I was pretty bored. (To be fair, I was bored watching the Hunger Games too- it takes a lot for me to get in to a movie lol)