Weekly wrap-up 6

This basically wraps up what I did this week:

HA JK. But I do love this gif.

This week was personally one of my favorite weeks yet because it was challenging, yet pushed me to work my hardest. I don’t think i’m that good at graphic designing, but I had a lot of fun working on Adobe and canva this week. I think the assignment I struggled with the most is the book cover, but the best part of this week was the designblitz. I ran around the offices at school and my internship looking for graphics, and it was fun to find them and figure out what kind of graphic design purpose they had.

This week I spent most of my time reading I Am Legend- my book for this class. I am a very bad reader and reading is really difficult for me, and i’m scared i am falling behind on that, so i’ve been spending most of my time reading my book. I really enjoy it, but it’s kinda scary at some points so for me personally i read over the scary parts and skim that, but I read the parts that don’t freak me out. (i hope thats okay lol) The movie was not as good as this book and I am loving it so far, but don’t want to be behind so i’ve been trying really hard and i’m almost finished with it!

Question of the week:

What’s been the most succcesful group you’ve been a part of and what 
made it work?

Okay, so I’ve never been in a group- EVER- where everyone got a long. A lot of the time i’m the pusher who pushes people to do work and I’m usually THAT student who wants to work really hard and get everything done but I always SOMEHOW get stuck with people who are too lazy to do work. I have been in groups with one other person and if it’s a two person group they usually always are successful, however groups with 3 or more people are T R O U B L E.


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