Alien Jesus?? Frequency 2156

I really enjoyed spending time on the Frequency radio website and listening to a bunch of different audio that people in the past have created. I got the idea for my recording due to a conspiracy theory my friends and I talk about all the time that was mentioned by theorist and YouTube star Shane Dawson. In my recording, Shane talks about how some people have a theory that Jesus was an alien. Super weird and probably not true- I know- but whats interesting about this theory is that it sounds so fake which is why I wanted to edit him discussing alien Jesus and create effects on it to make it sound like he’s almost trying to convince people in the future that Jesus was an alien. It’s all fun and games and I think it’s such a dumb conspiracy and obviously not true, but its so out there that it’s hilarious.

Here is the link to my audio clip!

After spending time on the Frequency website, I think it does a great job at creating stories through audio. I think that because it is audio based, it forces you to use your imagination and make a slight disconnect more than video does. Video is easier to interpret, and I think the site being fully audio gives you space to create and imagine something that others talk about which enhances the overall experience. i think the creator chose audio mainly because audio is a medium that forces the listener to use their thoughts and emotions to understand a piece of art. Audio is such an incredible form of communication, and I think this was the perfect medium for the site and activity. What I would do differently is maybe not group them in such large regions, for example it was kind of hard to navigate the site and I would get frustrated trying to go by places in the world. I think there should be more of a category feature too so when searching for audio it can be a bit easier.

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