Assignment: Thinking about Photos


This is my prompt for the Photoblitz:


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  Below are my before pictures I took:  

The before shots #ds106

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These are the edited after shots I posted to Instagram for the finale of the Photoblitz:

The after shots #ds106 #theend106

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This assignment was honestly so fun for me. I enjoy taking photography on my own terms, but I loved learning new tricks and tips. After reading the photo tips and Abandoned America, I decided that I wanted to work on different angles for my photoblitz, I love taking pictures, but something I have always wanted to work on is getting more creative angles. The tips page was really helpful because it pushed me to think outside the box when taking this photos. I was at my news internship when I took these, so I had so much fun running around the office and doing the blitz!

David Campbell’s Photography and Narrative

Since I am really passionate about photography, this truly inspired me to get outside my comfort zone of portrait photography and started taking more RAW and less edited photos. I think for me personally, I get nervous about trying new picture tips and tricks out because I have a formula already and I stick by it and use it, however this inspired me to try new things and to drop that formula that is boring because I need to expand my horizons when it comes to photography.

Besides that, this reminded me of why I got into photography in the first place. When I was 15 years old, my dad surprised me with my first DSLR camera. After getting heavily tested for years regarding my learning disabilities, the doctors told my parents that I might begin to have memory failure due to the heavy medication I was on. To combat that, my parents got me my first camera so I could take pictures and never forget memories. They weren’t sure if my meds would hurt me, so they encouraged me to start taking photography courses and to truly capture moments that I might not remember. Ever since then I have loved photography and have been really passionate towards capturing the moment. A lot of people say that photography is bad because you should “live in the moment”, but for people like me who have memory problems, a picture is a way I can remember such a special moment and not be afraid that I’ll wake up the next day and not remember.

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