Character design: Winston on stage

For my character Winston, I used the resume I made her to create the character! On her resume it has her height, hair and eye color, and information when she goes to auditions, so since she is an actress I decided to bring her to life on stage! I thought this could be a good representation of her. I don’t like the hair much, and it’s not what I had imagined she would look like exactly, but this is as close as I could get it to look using the Hero Machine. I think the Hero Machine is cool, but I wish there were more options because I’m not sure if I see this being Winston 100%. Before using HM, I drew out on paper what I imagined Winston to look like. I think drafting it out first for sure helped when creating her using the Hero Machine. I thought the site was confusing to use, but overall really fun to play around with.

I saved the file as a transparent file so I could go into photoshop and edit the background of the stage! I think the background brings the whole picture together, and I had a lot of fun creating Winston!


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