Sunrise Survivors!

Lauren, Alyssa, Jillian and I all got together today at the HCC to talk about our radio show!


We spent tons of time thinking about what we wanted our show to be. After creating a google doc and scratching out many ideas, we finally became the Sunrise Survivors! Our idea was to have a morning breakfast radio show where we can not only talk as our characters and interact on the show, but ALSO have a show where we interact with other characters in our class so it will be fun for everyone to listen. We broke our show down with segments and each decided on something cute and quirky for our show. We didn’t want to do anything boring, but we also wanted to do the best we could to include apocalypse themed within the show.

We also had a plan to break off and look around the HCC for more evidence. We’ve all been keeping a lookout for things we might think will have to do with our class! Hopefully we find more evidence so we can work on finding on what is going on with our apocalypse.

I whipped up a quick poster for our group, but I will mainly be focusing on creating the bumpers using Logic Pro X and audio editing our show since that is what I enjoy the most.


I can’t wait to tell you guys more of what we do 🙂


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  • Lauren Sargent

    March 1, 2018 at 10:55 pm Reply

    Yes, go Sunrise Survivors! I already told you once but I love the poster, very cute and simple : ) can’t wait to get really started with our show!

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