Winston Henerly: Character Resume

I thought long and hard about who I wanted my overall character to be for this class. I wanted her to be someone who is laid back, but on a mission to stay alive. I wanted to have someone that was outside my comfort zone, but who was artsy fartsy just like me. Regarding the Archetype spreadsheet. Winston is one of those characters who ISN’T the hero, but is kind of like the sidekick to whoever is in charge. I consider her the Ron Weasley of the group- important, brings jokes and releases tension when shit is going down, but overall is just a sidekick.

I decided to create Winston Henerly- an aspiring actress from NYC who is living in L.A. I thought having a character who was a former actress could bring something new and cool to the vibe of the tribe. I also thought that it was push my creativity and make me work hard to learn more about her and to create her overall persona. For my resume, I used Canva, literally my favorite graphic design site, but I focused more on the research of who she was BEFORE the apocalypse rather that what her resume would be during the apocalypse. this is her resume as an aspiring Emma Stone wannabe in California:


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  • Caroline Rose Callahan

    February 18, 2018 at 6:54 pm Reply

    I really like how you gave her such detail. At first i thought you were making a damsel in distress character but i see her more as a side kick as you wrote on! Awesome JOB!!

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