What I’ve Learned from Blogging:

Elaina Finkelstein
Jan 28, 2016
DGST 101
Blogging Module

Research on blogging:

“Blogging is as much about sharing with one another as it is about getting your own voice out.”

I have been blogging since my tenth grade year in high school. Blogging is vital in my crazy disorganized life because it brings me closure and acceptance to everything that is going on. Since then, I have learned many things about blogging from recent research and experience that I would love to share to my fellow classmates:

First of all, it is important to remember to write what YOU feel. Do not write to please anyone. Blogging is a way to express oneself through different mediums online- therefore you should do it for you and for no one else. Be honest with your blogging, for you might change someone’s life and open someone to new ideas. I had a blog I made in high school about a skin disorder that I have. That blog not only helped me and what I was going through, but also helped people who had other issues going on be brave. That is just one example on why blogging is so important. It allows your voice be heard.

Secondly, I have learned that focusing on how many views or likes your blog gets is unimportant. Like I stated before, blogging is personal and should be to the benefit of you. The amount of people who read your blog isn’t nearly as important as how many people you have influenced. If you have 30 followers, but have impacted a girl’s life immensely with your posts, then at the end of the day that is the ultimate goal of what should matter. Yes, bloggers want many readers but numbers don’t tell us everything. I have known blogs that were Tweeted out hundreds of times but were actually read less than blogs that were Tweeted out a couple dozen.

Thirdly, size matters. When considering writing a blog, it is important to think about your readers. Would you want to sit down and read 2,000 words for fun? Nah. Think about the size of your blog. The length is important, keep it short, simple, but make every word count. Just because a post is long does not mean is it good, on the contrary just because a blog is short doesn’t have to mean its sloppy and done quickly. Make it bearable and make every word have a purpose- don’t just write to write. Try to keep it fewer than 1,000 or you may lose your audience before you get one.

Lastly, grabbing reader attention is vital for bloggers. Blogs require views and people to connect from what you post. I learned that it is important to create and write content that is very relatable to a wide audience. Also, I learned that touchy topics such as politics, religion, or sexuality are the more risky subjects when trying to get a diverse audience to read your blogs. Although writing about those things aren’t necessarily a bad thing, the best way to grab readers is to make it PG-13 and audience friendly. Other ways to grab reader attention is by content such as video or pictures. I know that pictures grab my attention more than a title usually; therefore it is important to get creative and crafty.

In conclusion, blogging one of the more personal activities web is used for. I believe it is amazing that we can type out how we feel and let our voice be heard and post it for anyone in the world and web to see. It is important to be safe, considerate, and creative when blogging. There are many different website to blog on including Tumblr, Buzzfeed, or The Odyssey and many more! Regarding that, there are also many interesting things one might blog about. Using social media like Facebook and Twitter is a great way to get a blog started and to achieve views. Personally, I enjoy blogging about personal experience because I like to influence people with what is occurring in my life. I hope that when I get older I will look back at my blogs and be reminded of how happy and excited about education I am today.

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