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Pippilotti Rist focus is video/audio installations because there is room in them for everything (painting, technology, language, music, movement, lousy, flowing pictures, poetry, commotion, premonition of death, sex and friendliness) – like in a compact handbag. Her opinon is: Arts task is to contribute to evolution, to encourage the mind, to guarantee a detached view of social changes, to conjure up positive energies, to create sensuousness, to reconcile reason and instinct, to research possibilities and to destroy clichés and prejudices.

Rist’s works have been exhibited widely at museums and festivals throughout Europe, Japan and the US, including the biennials in Sao Paulo, Venice, Istanbul, the Caribbean and Santa Fe. In 2000 the Public Art fund NY commission Open My Glade, was shown on the screen in Times Square. Pipilotti Rist’s multimedia video works such as, I’m Not The Girl Who Misses Much (1986)‚ Yoghurt on Skin, Velvet on TV (1995)‚ Sip My Ocean (1996), and Remake of the Weekend (1998), blur the boundaries between visual art and popular culture and explore the unfamiliar in the everyday. Her lush, seductive images recruit the idiom of commercial advertising and music videos to create a highly individual artistic language informed by her past in a music band and as a set designer.

End is Over All :


“Looking Through Pixel Forest,” from 2016, a hanging LED installation and media player. Two videos alternate on the walls: “Mercy Garden” and “Worry Will Vanish Horizon,” both from 2014.




22pipilottijp-master675Video still from Pipilotti Rist’s “Mercy Garden” (2014), a two-channel video and sound installation.

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