The END of the END.

It’s that time.


Can you believe this is the end?! I’m shook! Here is what I did for my final project for DS106.

First of all, I loved radio week SO much that Jillian and I decided to team up together and do this project together. Our idea was to implement our story in a google Map but add additional information that our radio show did not cover. Our map traces the Survivors at Sunrise story of how we all met, where our cruise sailed, and how we found each other. In addition to this map, we also added commentary about each pin adding all different media. Jillian made a poster, and I recorded a song. The idea of my song came from my character Winston, who I created the story behind the ship. Her story was that the reason she was sailing on this cruise ship was because she was a performer on the cruise. I recorded a song of my playing an acoustic guitar song in the Pollard guitar as part of this final project- because i wanted it to seem like it was a link to Winston’s audition tape to continue the story from our radio show. Below is the Google map and the sound cloud link to my song!

The reason I decided to continue Winston’s story for the final project was because I wanted to wrap up the semester fully being extra creative and continuing (and somewhat) finishing off her story. I wish I could have worked more on creating this awesome character throughout the semester, but I think doing this final project was a good and classy goodbye for us to part. I totally loved the graphic Jillian made, and I think it went perfect with our Google Map! I think its super cool that we created this visual that could also correspond with our radio show.

If you guys don’t know the story behind the sunrise survivors, listen to our show and the map will totally make sense:


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