The End: Week 2 rundown

I started out my week doing two Daily Create challenges! I had a lot of fun with these, and I enjoyed having to run around my kitchen making up a new name for something! I enjoy challenges where we get to tweet because it’s more difficult for me, but I think it truly pushes me outside my comfort zone and forces me to think outside the box of what I usually do. I felt a little lost this week because I was trying to catch up with the readings, but those are hard for me because I’m a terrible reader. To help me feel better, my roommates and I have been diving in all things apocalypse since this is all really new to me. We watched a movie called World War Z which was really cool but scary af!~ Like holy crap I hope nothing like that ACTUALLY happens, but it was good to watch a movie because now I can dive into more things now.

I really enjoyed watching the Kurt Vonnegut youtube video, but I’m not gonna lie- I literally had to watch it 5 times to understand it. After watching it a bunch of times, I finally understood what he was saying and I enjoyed what Kurt had to say. I thought it was funny how he joked about Cinderella in the presentation because that’s so relatable and honestly just hysterical. I think the coolest thing I read for week 2 was about Twitter Fiction. I thought the article was honestly just super cool and I love how we can use social media in so many creative ways. I think the article inspired me to get better at Twitter and to start really working with the platform (even though I don’t tweet regularly like on my personal account), I always thought Twitter was becoming this dead social media platform where no one did anything but complain and talk about old Vines, however this article gave me a different outlook that makes me want to dive deeper into the Twittersphere. I enjoyed Anne Enright’s Tweet fiction the most, and after I read it I lowkey started social media stalking her which inspired me to write my Tweet about Marty from UMW. Even though I didn’t get many likes and I’m not sure if people saw my Tweet fiction, I was really proud of it. I think it was my first attempt at getting outside of the usual Twitter environment and finally posting something creative. I can’t tell if the Tweet fiction I wrote was incredible cringey, or cool- but I’m willing to be cringey on Twitter until I finally get things right.

I decided that I will be reading I Am Legend for this class! I saw the movie in a Cinema class I took in High School in 9th grade, and I remember I was so fascinated by it. I had no idea it was based off of a book, so I’m super pumped to start reading it. Only problem is- I am a terrible reader. It’s not that I’m lazy, I just have a hard time reading. I think this book will be a good fit for me because i’m that type of person that literally won’t read something if I’m not interested in the subject- but since I connected with the movie so much I thought the book would be a great choice. After watching World War Z with my roommates I also think that will be a great book to read as well!

In regards to the daily creates this week, I honestly had SO much fun with them omg! My favorite thing I created was this picture I photoshopped of me traveling into another dimension! This was for the challenge on Thursday! I actually worked super hard on this picture, and I really liked how it came out!!


Question of the Week:

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone you love turned into a zombie? Why?

Okay so I’ve actually thought about this while I was reading the Hunger Games back in the day! But if anything like zombies or like aliens or crazy shit happened, I would want to be a zombie with everyone else because I would be too scared to be alive and scared if I wasn’t one already. Also, I probably wouldn’t survive any zombie Apocalypse because lets face it, I’m out of shape and can’t run for shit so it wouldn’t take much for me to become a zombie honestly. I don’t think i’m a strong survivalist and I don’t feel like I have enough skills to literally not become infected or turned into a zombie so I’d def be turned into one just to save the trouble and effort of trying to stay human lol


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