Adaptation, Remixes, and Mashups (Module)

For this module, I got very excited since I am a Music Tech major- as well as a double major in Communication and Digital Studies.

Since I own a $300 DAW (digital audio workspace) called Logic Pro X, I decided to create a remix. I combined my two favorite songs at the moment: Justin Bieber’s “What do u mean” and Ariana Grande’s “One last time”. For this project, what i decided to do was to find an instrumental track of the Justin Bieber song. Then I added Ariana Grande’s vocals (just the studio vocals) on to the track. I found both audio samples on youtube, which I converted into an MP3 and downloaded onto the DAW (Logic Pro X). I decided to use these two songs for a mash up because: both songs have a BPM (beats per measure) of 125. I did not have to alter, speed up or slow down, the vocals to match the instrumental background since the BPM of both songs were the same!

After combining and editing the vocals to match the beat of the instrumental piece, I then added studio instruments to remix and make the track my own. I added bongos, drums, and claps onto the piece to be creative with it and to truly remix both songs. I carefully added these instruments to make sure that they helped the flow of both songs and helped the piece climax.


So far, this is my remix:


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