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To me, Digital Art is the creative freedom one has using technology. Digital art is all around- whether it is an ad online, a site, or even a blog; digital art is all around us. I worked at a social media firm in Washington, D.C this summer where I got to be a part of various teams within the firm itself. One team I got to work with was called the “creative thinkers team”. This team’s job was to create eye catching and creative inforgraphics and ads for clients. Before working at this internship I thought that digital art was simply just computer art- however after working with such an impressive team who used artistic programs such as photoshop, illustrator and many more, I learned that digital art is all around us no matter how subtle or sweet.

I find that digital art is so incredibly unique and diverse from other kinds of art because you are using technology to create something that so many diverse pieces or art using the internet and web programs as your drawing board. The desktop is your canvas, and the mouse is your pen. Digital art is a new approach to the way that art is certainly explaining in the 21 century. Throughout the years technology has advanced and has lead us to express ourselves in a whole new dimension. Technology and computers have opened up a new way to express art in our time, and the creative of digital programming allows us to push forward and create things we can’t necessarily¬†produce on paper. I love creating digital art because i’m a techy and a computer gook at heart. I love learning new programs and diving into my work on photoshop. Sometimes digi art can limit art in a way though, since the programs (such as Adobe’s) can be very hard to learn at first. These programs are difficult and take time to fully grasp and learn how to drive. I found that the more you fiddle around and goof around on a specific program, the more you will get to learn it better. Sometimes it can be frustrating to know where all the buttons are to click, or how to bring your photo or art to life due to how much the program is capable of, but always keep trying and strive to drive the programs as best as you can.

I have a unique aesthetic (i like to think). I enjoy cool 80’s style looking photos of interior design, portraits, and also landscaping. By 80’s I tend to go for faded colors and old style looking photos. Below are some of my favorite landscape photos. I am a photographer at heart. I love capturing portraits of my friends and switching things up on photoshop to make the colors pop. I am a Nikon enthusiast and love to go around and snap RAW’s around campus and even on vacation. These photos really speak to my photography style, and the pictures I love to take and admire. My tumblr is and that is where I love to look for art and post my photos.

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