Creative Coding project

For this module, Ahad and I decided to make a makeshift piano using basic coding software. Since I am still a beginner at coding, we used a program site that was simple, yet very effective. The cool thing about our project is that it took a lot to get to where it is- what I mean by that is how we came up with the idea. At first, Ahad and I were planning to construct a game using java scrip. As we both have weak java skills, we decided to put that idea on hold and find a project that we would both be able to learn and do. Our second idea was a slack bot. We had an idea of making a bot on slack (sort of like daily cat facts) where it would post cool things on slack if someone typed a key word. Unfortunately, as we dug into the idea more and researched more, we found out that doing that would take more than 3 days to construct and was extremely difficult and confusing. Since I am not an advanced coder this module was very difficult for me. However, it was very eye opening to the point where some ideas we had were either too hard to code, or not using code enough.

Below is the link to our project (1 out of 3)

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