Explaining Neuromancer

My archeology group decided to explain Neuromancer in a way using all emojis. Since emoji’s are used everyday by so many, we thought it would be best explained using this creative method.

The plot of Neuromancer is very complicated and cant really be explained well. I feel like many of us were confused with what the main plot of Neuromancer is, however we got together and tried to explain it in the best way we possibly could. Instead of focusing on themes in the novel, we explained the plot- which we struggled to grasp. All in all, I am not sure emoji’s were the best method to explain Neuromancer, since many of us were confused on what the main plot was. There was so much importance in Neuromancer that it was hard to capture it all. That being said, we attempted to all make lines with emoji’s to represent the story line and plot. We felt as if it would be too difficult to add themes using emojis. Certain emoji’s represented different symbols in Neuromancer, which I though was creative. For example, when we all wanted to talk about “Neuromancer” itself, we had a specific emoji (the purple robot) to symbolize that so our emoji story was all on the same page. Since the plot was tricky and a bit hard to grasp, I believe we did the best innovative and creative job that we could.


Below is the screenshot of our emoji story: Screen-Shot-2016-02-14-at-1.29.35-PMour



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