Artist Blog: Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel is a New York post-conceptual artist who makes work in many different media, including drawing, music, video, performance art, and video game modifications.

He is an internet artist and computer programmer who works with video, installation, music composition, sculpture, print media, and mathematics. In this workshop, families explored digital media in Arcangel’s work and created computer-based work inspired by the artist’s process. Kids and parents made their own desktop icons, using a drawing program to make images of celebrities, self portraits, and abstractions.


Ok, so Cory Arcangel is basically amazing. Below is his Raw Youth, 2014, which is Foam pool noodles, wristband, tailored Bravado Justin Bieber Vertical Hoodie, Skullcandy headphones, Apple iPod classic and charger, Apple iPhone 5 case, Skrillex “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” MPEG-1 Audio Layer III file. PRETTY FREAKING COOL IF YA ASK ME. ESPECIALLY THE JB HOODIE. raw-youth-2014-046-full-heart-01-database-sm
Below is his famous hand modified hacked Super Mario Brothers cartridge. Characters and backgrounds were erased and replaced with abstract shapes/colors/patterns – an investigation of game aesthetics and human memory.



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