Assignment 2: Appropriation

For this project, I had an idea after learning about some of the artists I did blogs about.

I really liked how Matt Siber used logo appropriation and had those flying logos. I thought it was really cool and this project was inspired by him.

What I did was I had my main picture that I wanted to start on- sort of my beginning canvas. The first picture I used was a high quality picture of graffiti I found on the internet. My plan was to layer different logos on top of graffiti. The logos I picked were things that had to do with how we communicate today- mostly the internet. I took 5 logos: the Twitter icon, Kylie Cosmetics icon, Starbucks logo, and an Emoji, and also a picture of a text message and slabbed them on the graffiti wall. I wanted all these logos to be appropriated with graffiti art because I think of communication as art, even though some people might not think so. I believe that sometimes we think of communication as just a way to talk or interact with others, and I believe that is art. I liked this project and what I did was create new layers for each logo, used the clone stamp for some of them, and then used the magic wand tool to select and make it transparent so I could place them wherever I wanted.

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