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I wanted to include Matt Siber’s bio that I found on his website because I thought it was really cool and spoke a lot about himself and the type of art he works with. I think I can relate to him a lot because I like to distort photography, but I like to create art that has an effect or purpose on popular culture or just every day humanity.

A piece of Siber’s that I thought was really interesting was his Floating Logos project, which aims to draw attention to signage placed atop very tall supports by digitally removing those supports.

Below are two photos from his series:

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I thought his logo project was pretty unique because I love how he incorporates our everyday American culture into his photography. I liked how it looked as if the logos were floating in the sky and I wonder how he went about editing the poles out.

Another project of his that is pretty awesome is The Idol Structures project that was installed at the DePaul Art Museum in 2015.is_info

According to his website, “Idol Structures focuses on the three-dimensional elements of the systems of advertising in public space while evading or obscuring the two-dimensional messages they carry.” The project often plays between 2D and 3D interactions with the viewer as a means to subvert the commercial 2D messages. This work is driven by a personal resistance or protest against the influence and omnipresence of corporate messaging. This is interesting to me because it has a mix a contemporary art as well as a mix of his personal human expierence mixed in.

I really like Siber’s art because not only does he have a talent for photography, he also has a really good well rounded ability to do all sorts of art. His work is admired around the world, and he could be called the renaissance artist (since he is so well rounded on so many art mediums.)

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