Scanner Art!

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Ok. This project was AWESOME. I had so much fun with this, and I truly feel like I worked super hard on this (more than anything else) because I really felt like I was creating something interesting for people to look at. This project was especially cool and exciting for me since this was my first experience using a real scanner (i’m young ok).

Representational Composition:

This piece truly means a lot to me because of how much thought is behind the entire picture. Something cool I wanted to do was to drive home and collect my most favorite and beloved toys I used to love as a child. I feel like I have always been super creative and into art and music at a young age, and I owe that to the toys that I adored. In this picture, I scanned many things. I scanned, and carefully placed, 4 tamagotchis, my very first film camera that my grandpa gave to me, a gameboy advanced (that I begged my parents to get me for months), my first iPod, various Hit Clips and the Speaker I played them on, also a remote control to a Herbie car (RIP Herbie car that i drove into the fridge and broke), and on top of ALL those items I placed photos from when I was a child over the items and also took pages from an old diary book I had so that it would all create a pretty cool background. This picture is so important to me. I really did put my all into this, and I really am happy with the outcome of this.

elaina  1

Non-representational Composition:

Along with my representational piece, I really enjoyed creating this as well. I bought a deck of playing cards, some dice, two lighters, and chunks of metallic confetti scrambled in the background. This piece, to me, was created to represent that life is sometimes about chance- even though sometimes luck can fuck you over in the long run, I thought that to represent that I would move the cards and items along the scanner to make it look messy- because taking a chance and depending on luck itself is messy! (ayy it all connects)



Explaining Neuromancer

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My archeology group decided to explain Neuromancer in a way using all emojis. Since emoji’s are used everyday by so many, we thought it would be best explained using this creative method.

The plot of Neuromancer is very complicated and cant really be explained well. I feel like many of us were confused with what the main plot of Neuromancer is, however we got together and tried to explain it in the best way we possibly could. Instead of focusing on themes in the novel, we explained the plot- which we struggled to grasp. All in all, I am not sure emoji’s were the best method to explain Neuromancer, since many of us were confused on what the main plot was. There was so much importance in Neuromancer that it was hard to capture it all. That being said, we attempted to all make lines with emoji’s to represent the story line and plot. We felt as if it would be too difficult to add themes using emojis. Certain emoji’s represented different symbols in Neuromancer, which I though was creative. For example, when we all wanted to talk about “Neuromancer” itself, we had a specific emoji (the purple robot) to symbolize that so our emoji story was all on the same page. Since the plot was tricky and a bit hard to grasp, I believe we did the best innovative and creative job that we could.


Below is the screenshot of our emoji story: Screen-Shot-2016-02-14-at-1.29.35-PMour