Assignment: Revision Reflection

For this assignment, I chose to re-do my book poster that I didn’t think went too well the first time. I was upset that I didn’t do that good of a job at the poster for my I AM LEGEND book, so here is the re-done copy!


I really worked hard to make this assignment better, and after reading the whole book and finishing everything i think this cover for sure goes better with the theme of the book.



Assignment: Radio Show Reflection

I had SO much fun with the radio shows this week. I really enjoyed live tweeting during our show and seeing what people thought. I worked really hard creating all the bumpers and editing all the audio, so i’m really glad people on twitter took notice of the bumpers and editing that i did. I was really anxious about the project because i truly don’t like working in group projects, HOWEVER MY GROUP WAS FLIPPIN AWESOME. I loved working with everything because we all vibed really well and we all bounced our creativity off of each other. I think it was good to meet up with people from the class and do such a hands on project because it really impacted the way i want to keep doing my work. I also enjoyed listening to the show on tuesday. it was interesting to see what other people did with their show. All in all, this was probably one of my favorite weeks.

What’s one thing you definitely couldn’t live without during the apocalpyse? 
How would you go about obtaining it?

I wouldn’t want to live without a gun (especially a m16 fun) because I would want to feel protected and I would want to be able to support my loved ones who are still alive.


This week I also enjoyed doing the daily creates! Here is what I came up with:


Weekly recap: 7&8

These past two weeks have been super crazy! I FINALLY finished I Am Legend, which I put most of my focus on during spring break, and also finished up our Radio Show! I am so excited for everyone to hear what we’re doing and all our crazy segments. We have all definitely worked hard on it, so I am excited to hear the feedback.


If the apocalypse were to happen, and you had to become something. . .else. 
Which kind of something would you want to be and why?

This is for sure a question I’ve actually thought a lot about since taking this class. My answer would probably be to become a time-traveler. I’ve always been so fascinated by time and I love movies like Back to the Future that use time to understand the past and present. I would love to go back and forth and travel time with that power. I think it would be scary at first, but super cool to be able to hop back and forth in time.


This week I also enjoyed doing all the daily creates. I enjoy doing them, and I liked the fact that I got to pick out the ones I wanted to do. I love trying to things and being as creative as possible. Some of the ones this week were a bit too easy and didn’t push me as much as I would have hoped, so my strategy was to wait a couple days and check to see in every day which ones I thought were hard and good enough to do.

I plan on listening to as many radio shows as I can this week and to live tweet my reactions! Can’t wait to hear what everyone comes up with!

Our first recording!


It went super well and we ended up spending a couple hours editing audio and recording our segments. We still have some more work to do, but so far we have 10 minutes worth of recording so i’m really happy about that. giphy

I’m really excited about our segments because they are really funny and truly show our sassy and creative side. We wanted to make segments that included people in the class, so for my segment I talked about four characters in our class! (So listen up if you wanna hear us gossip about your character). I’m really proud of the work we’ve done so far, and i can’t wait to finish it!

Sunrise Survivors!

Lauren, Alyssa, Jillian and I all got together today at the HCC to talk about our radio show!


We spent tons of time thinking about what we wanted our show to be. After creating a google doc and scratching out many ideas, we finally became the Sunrise Survivors! Our idea was to have a morning breakfast radio show where we can not only talk as our characters and interact on the show, but ALSO have a show where we interact with other characters in our class so it will be fun for everyone to listen. We broke our show down with segments and each decided on something cute and quirky for our show. We didn’t want to do anything boring, but we also wanted to do the best we could to include apocalypse themed within the show.

We also had a plan to break off and look around the HCC for more evidence. We’ve all been keeping a lookout for things we might think will have to do with our class! Hopefully we find more evidence so we can work on finding on what is going on with our apocalypse.

I whipped up a quick poster for our group, but I will mainly be focusing on creating the bumpers using Logic Pro X and audio editing our show since that is what I enjoy the most.


I can’t wait to tell you guys more of what we do 🙂


Design Reflection

You’ve looked at two videos from different designers (who engage in very different kinds of design) as well as some basic resources to learn the elements of design .How do these three resources influence your own approach to tackling design work this week?  Which resonated with you the most any why? Did any of them seem to contradict each other? If so, what do you make of that?

I waited until the end of the week after all my assignments were done so I could take some time away from the creating, and focus on reflecting the work I had done this week. The videos that were shown for sure helped me when thinking about graphic design, however, I got the most inspiration from the DesignBlitz, and I truly learned the most from the Adobe article we had to read. It was so clear and concise, but had me wanting to learn more. I found myself renting an old outdated design book that was actually meant for people to who designed yearbooks, but I didn’t care. I wanted to know so much more about graphic designing, types of font, and elements of design, that I dove right into Yearbook nerding.

I learned a lot this week, but mostly it was learning about how to do assignments I was not confident about doing. The book cover assignment was not my best, but I was shocked with how so many of our classmates went full force into it. I felt like I had such a roadblock, but after seeing what other people had created it got me more enthusiastic.

I have decided that I want to spend more time learning about elements of design, so I can work on creating better assignments in the future. I want to eventually re-do my book cover, and gain more knowledge about the creating of graphics from Adobe.


Weekly wrap-up 6

This basically wraps up what I did this week:

HA JK. But I do love this gif.

This week was personally one of my favorite weeks yet because it was challenging, yet pushed me to work my hardest. I don’t think i’m that good at graphic designing, but I had a lot of fun working on Adobe and canva this week. I think the assignment I struggled with the most is the book cover, but the best part of this week was the designblitz. I ran around the offices at school and my internship looking for graphics, and it was fun to find them and figure out what kind of graphic design purpose they had.

This week I spent most of my time reading I Am Legend- my book for this class. I am a very bad reader and reading is really difficult for me, and i’m scared i am falling behind on that, so i’ve been spending most of my time reading my book. I really enjoy it, but it’s kinda scary at some points so for me personally i read over the scary parts and skim that, but I read the parts that don’t freak me out. (i hope thats okay lol) The movie was not as good as this book and I am loving it so far, but don’t want to be behind so i’ve been trying really hard and i’m almost finished with it!

Question of the week:

What’s been the most succcesful group you’ve been a part of and what 
made it work?

Okay, so I’ve never been in a group- EVER- where everyone got a long. A lot of the time i’m the pusher who pushes people to do work and I’m usually THAT student who wants to work really hard and get everything done but I always SOMEHOW get stuck with people who are too lazy to do work. I have been in groups with one other person and if it’s a two person group they usually always are successful, however groups with 3 or more people are T R O U B L E.


The struggle of 8 principles of design

Okayyy let me be real for a second- I thought this assignment was going to be a piece of cake but BOY WAS I WRONG. I really enjoyed this assignment because it literally challenged me to look at things and signs and posters in a different light. I loved running around the office and snapping pics and trying to figure out what technique was used! Here are my 8 pictures that I came up with for this designblitz!

1. Hierarchy



2. Repetition 



3. Balance 



4. Proximity



5. Color 



6. Allignment 



7. Contrast 



8. Space 


Character design: Winston on stage

For my character Winston, I used the resume I made her to create the character! On her resume it has her height, hair and eye color, and information when she goes to auditions, so since she is an actress I decided to bring her to life on stage! I thought this could be a good representation of her. I don’t like the hair much, and it’s not what I had imagined she would look like exactly, but this is as close as I could get it to look using the Hero Machine. I think the Hero Machine is cool, but I wish there were more options because I’m not sure if I see this being Winston 100%. Before using HM, I drew out on paper what I imagined Winston to look like. I think drafting it out first for sure helped when creating her using the Hero Machine. I thought the site was confusing to use, but overall really fun to play around with.

I saved the file as a transparent file so I could go into photoshop and edit the background of the stage! I think the background brings the whole picture together, and I had a lot of fun creating Winston!


Winston’s Character Word Cloud

For this assignment I had a lot of fun! I took time and thought of things and words that I felt best represented my character. I had to think hard about my character’s past, present, and future when creating this word cloud! I actually used the website called Word It Out.com! I think this site was really easy to use and what I basically did was just take a Google doc and write down all the words I thought characterized Winston, and then I copy and pasted it into the site. Easy peasy! Here is what I came up with!